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Ecofarms™ is the Caribbean’s first commercial producer of mead - Buzz™ Honey Wine and Buzz™ Honey Spritzer.  Available in exotic tropical flavours including dry sorrel, semi-sweet otaheite apple and tangy starfruit.

Our award winning honey wine … mead ...... is made from our premium Jamaican honey.  Mead is believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage.  Mead is regarded as the first of all fermented drinks and is known as the “Drink of Love”.  The term “Honeymoon” is believed to have originated from the ancient European tradition of giving newlyweds enough mead for one full moon (a month) to ensure happiness and fertility.  In ancient days, mead was also renowned amongst warriors who said "mead drinkers are stronger than beef eaters" and poets alike.   Poets drank mead for inspiration:  "A drink I took of the magic mead, then I began to know and to be wise, to grow and to weave poems" - Runahal, ancient poem.  Whether you are a modern-day warrior, poet or lover, I hope you enjoy this Nectar of the Gods known as Ambrosia - the "Drink of Love".

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